Pilates at Pontyates

Pilates in Pontyates
New class starts Friday 3rd September at 10.30am.  This 45 min class is suitable for those new to Pilates as well as the more experienced. Taught as multi level-mostly mat work and standing.
Pilates can help you strengthen your core and improve flexibility whilst using your breathing to help you destress and focus on your body movement. If you’ve never tried Pilates its NOT Yoga but some of the movements may be similar. Pilates is great for stabilising your spine and is often used in Physiotherapy.
You will need to wear comfortable clothes, ideally leggings or jogging bottoms and a top you can move in with a sweatshirt  or top layer you can take on and off and bring your own padded mat to kneel and lie on.  Pilates is done with no shoes on but you can wear non slip socks if you prefer.
£6 per class.
Please contact me to book your place as limited spaces- Gaye Perks – 07432708303